Are toys good or bad for kids?

This is a question that is best answered by things done and given in moderation is always advisable. More that is never good. There might be some toys which are not good even when given in moderation. Hence it all comes down to what purpose you buy the toys for, if they toy is safe and how you allow your child to use it. We would answer the question by summarising it into the following points:

  • Moderation:

Like we keep mentioning, do everything in moderation. Don’t buy too many toys unnecessarily just because your child likes it. As parents, we understand that you love your child a lot and want to provide everything you can. However, you should also understand that love doesn’t mean providing real luxury all the time. Your child does not need nor require too many toys. We would also suggest you not to let your child spend all his or her time in playing with the toys. You are the parent hence you can always maintain a proper amount of time for playing. Even if your child resists, do make them understand why you are taking their play time away. They might not listen initially, but if you set a proper timing for spending time with toys and then arranging the remaining time for other productive tasks, your child will learn to adjust quickly. Hence toys are good if they are given in moderation.

  • Educational toys:

When you buy toys, do aim for educational toys. Educational toys are fun, and at the same time, your child learns one thing or the other. Hence toys are good if your child enjoys playing with it yet learn skills at the same time.

  • Real world:

If your child spends too much time with his or her toy, there is a good chance that he or she keeps living in a world with toys only. Your child’s interaction with you, siblings, other family members and friends will lessen. This is not a good sign. Yes, there are toys which require other people to join in and hence social skills can develop. However, there are also many toys which promote individual play. Even with toys that are meant for more people to join, some children still play on their own. These are not bad, but if your child spends too much time with it then instead of developing social skills, your child will learn none.

  • Demands and expectations:

Toys are not good if they keep increasing your child’s demands and expectations. This is related to the first point. If you provide toys in abundance, your child will not realise the value of the toy. Children don’t necessarily acknowledge nor realise the price of toys. If you keep providing them, what they understand is they can keep having more. Expectations increase, and it will be difficult for you later on. We are not telling you to stop supplying toys. Just keep the purpose of why you are buying and how it will affect your child in mind.

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