Benefits of toys in helping your kids learn while they play

We are aware that many parents are conscious when it comes to buying toys for their children. Too much or excess in everything is never good. That is what we believe when it comes to toys too. There are both pros and cons to it. However, one thing we know for sure and what child experts have also always mentioned is that toys can be a very useful tool for child development. They can contribute to the development of different skills in your child. Therefore we agree that it is good to be careful on choosing toys and how you allow your child to use it but don’t restrict your child. Here are some benefits of toys in learning:

  • Cognitive development:

A lot of toys help in the contribution of cognitive development in children. These toys help your child think, be curious and experiment. Problem-solving skills also get developed.These toys Some of the toys good for this are Play-Doh, puzzles, Rubik’s cube, Lego blocks, peg boards and sand toys.

  • Physical development:

Toys like Lego, Play-Doh, peg boards, etc. contribute to the physical development of kids. Physical development through toys is especially required and important for toddlers or children with sensory and physical impairments. These toys can be very useful to develop fine motor skills and can also contribute to cognitive development. Many professionals have used Play-Doh to work on fine motor skills for children with Autism.

  • Social skills:

Toys like teddy bears, dolls, cars, action figures and any toy that can be used for roleplaying is crucial in developing many skills amongst with social skills is one. Have you noticed your child playing with the toy, talking to himself or herself, taking on a role and playing it out or roleplaying with friends? That is exactly where many skills develop. Your child also develops abstract thinking because he or she takes on a role, imagines how that role will be played out and then finally acts it out. Your child can also develop a healthy self-esteem. When your child plays with these toys amongst friends, he or she can learn about socialising and turn taking.

  • Fun:

You might wonder why this is on our list. But yes learning to have fun can also be learning in life. Toys can be educational yet recreational at the same time. If we train our kids only to develop skills that we want them to have in future, their childhood will be lost, and they will not get it back. It is good to teach them skills and train them for the future, but at the same time, everything has to be done moderately. If they are trained to just study or develop only certain skills like cognitive, for example, and just focus only on it, they will miss out other crucial things in life. Toys can help your child learn to have fun alone and with others. But like we mentioned earlier, everything should be done moderately.

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