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Best facts about Toys that you must know

Toys have coloured the lives of children. It had accompanied us when we were kids, and now toys continue to be an important part in the lives of children in this era. During our times or even before that, toys might not have been as grand and well-made like how it is in this era. However, we had one or the other form of a toy whether it was bought from stores or made by our elders. Although toys are seen as tools for fun purposes, there are many interesting facts you might not have known about. Here are some of them:

  • Did you know that toys mean tool? The word toy means tool which originated from an old English word.
  • Do you know the full form of G.I in those cool G.I?Joe toys you have seen? It is Government Issue. Joe. Did you also notice the inverted thumbnail on the inside of their left thumb? The producers made a mistake, but later on, they continued making it that way to honour their mistake. You will also find all the figures having a scar on their cheek.
  • The name of your cute and pretty Barbie toys was inspired by the creator’s daughter whose name was Barbara Millicent Roberts.
  • Did you know the history of our adorable Teddy bears? Theodore Roosevelt who was the 26th President of the United States of America gave the idea and started producing teddy bears. His idea came from one of his encounters with a bear cub when he went hunting. The bear cub was wounded, and he didn’t have the heart to kill the bear so he came back and created the famous teddy bears that a lot of us can’t sleep without.
  • Who doesn’t love LEGO toys right? Children, without a doubt, love the LEGO toys and adults are no exceptions. However, did you know that they produce the most number of tires in the world?
  • Although there are millions of toys in the world today, McDonald’s are the largest distributors among them. Kids who visit McDonald’s rarely leave without the free toys. Can’t blame them right?
  • Who doesn’t love playing with Play-Doh? Even as adults, playing with it can be a great pastime. Originally Play-Doh wasn’t meant as a fun product for kids. It was created as a tool for cleaning wallpaper. It was remodelled for play purposes. Play-Doh was called initially called Rainbow Modeling Compound. Did you also know that Play-Doh has been used by professional child psychologists to build rapport and understand children?
  • It took the inventor more than a month to solve the Rubik’s cube! Apparently, there are more than 43 quintillion permutations possible for the Rubik’s cube. When doesn’t that seem impossible to solve? Only less than 6% of people in the world can solve it. One of the fastest records set was 3.2 seconds. Guess who did it? No, it was a robot! And the cool part is that the robot was made of Legos